Magic of Music


So what exactly is magical about music?

Whenever we listen to a song, whether aware of it or not, we can receive a feeling, or emotion from it. Some songs make us feel happy, some songs make us feel sad, and even some songs make us feel afraid.

So, when it comes to the style and feeling of a scene, the choice of music is extremely important.
Many filmmakers need to think very intently on what type of music they will put in each scene. The wrong type of music can completely change the feeling and direction of a scene.

For example, in this clip, we hear various forms of music played over the same scene.


Video by: Shelley Craig – How Music can Change a Film 


From triumph to fear, comedy to sad, the music completely changes the dynamic of what this scene represents and how we are supposed to feel. 

Music has the power to bring out the emotion that a filmmaker is desiring and sometimes, it can change the  scene entirely.


Music can change a happy and joyful movie into a scary horror film.

Willy Wonka and the horror factory?


Video by: Sabbz22 – Willy Wonka – Recut Horror Trailer


Changing the music and dialog can turn a creepy horror film into a romantic comedy.


Whatever the scene, musical choice is more than just an after thought. 

These are just a few examples of the magic of music.         

 Just imagine what a sound designer can do with such a powerful tool.                                     

Music has the ability to completely change how we perceive films, stories and so much more. 


If you want to learn more about how music can change our perception of different situations, check out this post.


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