About SkyDive Music



Hello, my name is Skyler Rogers. I am a musician, composer and songwriter. 

I designed this website with the thought of sharing my love and passion for music with others. 

I want to show how music brings out the emotions of life: how it helps us feel happy, sad, fearful and everything in between. Music has the power to bring joy, life and hope into a sad situation, to express the feelings that we cannot put into words, and even help memory.

I am a music composer and song writer. I play the piano and the guitar. I have designed my own songs and compositions for since 2013, and have been sharing my music through YouTube, Facebook and other social media for many years.

I am a student at the University of Texas at Dallas and I am majoring in Arts and Technology (ATEC). My focus at school is in sound design and my true passion lies in music.

I plan to explore the wonders of music and how powerful it can be! 

I hope you can learn something new with me!